Bodycam footage from an officer at the scene of the arrest of George Floyd appears to show the cop speaking to two of the man’s friends and trying to reassure them an ambulance is on it’s way.

Bodycam footage from an officer who was at the scene of the arrest of George Floyd appears to show the cop speaking to two of the man’s friends and then trying to reassure them an ambulance is on it’s way to help him.
Minneapolis Park Police say the video, released on Wednesday night, shows that although one of its patrol cars was at the scene, the officer had little interaction with Floyd while he was being detained by four cops from the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD).  
The nearly 20-minute-long video was shared as violent protests broke out in both Minneapolis and downtown Los Angeles, as outraged demonstrators called for an end to police brutality and justice for Floyd.
Footage from a responding Minneapolis Park Police officer’s bodycam shows him speaking to two passengers from George Floyd’s car. Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) cops are seen asking for names at the scene on Monday in Missouri
A newly-released clip of body camera footage shows George Floyd in custody with MPD before the deadly incident, and various patrol vehicles nearby, including one from the Park Police
The incident took place outside Cup Foods at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue Monday. Park Police Chief Jason Ohotto said Wednesday that their officer was 118 feet away from Floyd and not in a location to witness or intervene in the MPD incident
George Floyd was killed on Monday as they arrested him on suspicion of forgery
The Park Police footage first shows the MPD officers questioning Floyd as he sits on the ground. 
The bodycam-wearing cop later watches over two passengers from the victim’s car.
The video captured by the Minneapolis Park Police officer doesn’t shed much more light into the incident.
According to ark Police Chief Jason Ohotto, his officer was 118 feet away from Floyd.
‘Based on a review of the body worn camera footage, which is being released to demonstrate the vantage point of the Park Police officer, the Park Police officer was not in a location to witness or intervene in the MPD incident,’ Chief Ohotto said Wednesday. 
At the start of the clip, one of the cops involved in the man’s death points the responding officer away from the immediate scene, asking him to supervise two other people. 
The officer then walks across the street and tells two passengers from Floyd’s vehicle not to interfere until the cops have completed their arrest. 
‘I don’t want you touching anything from the car,’ he states.    
The identities of the passengers are concealed in the video released on Wednesday but the Park Police officer referred to Floyd as their ‘buddy’
A cop is heard saying: ‘And after all this is settled you guys get to walk.’ He adds: ‘I’ll talk to my partner and see what’s up’
The cop asks: ‘What are you guys taking out the car? Cigarettes? Personal items? Whose car is this?’ 
Much of the audio is silenced and identities of those involved and passerby are concealed. 
The cop continues to tell them to ‘stay put’. ‘I don’t want anyone near this car,’ he adds. 
‘Just stay put, alright, until my partners and them are done over there and they can figure things out,’ the responding officer reassures them. 
‘We’ll figure things out alright. Right now, we’re grabbing an ambulance for your buddy.’  
Floyd died after white officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for a staggering eight minutes. 
In the footage initially released from a witness, Floyd is seen begging Chauvin to stop and telling him he could not breathe before he lost consciousness and later died. 
Four Minneapolis Police Department who were involved in Monday’s incident have now been fired. 
The cop wearing the bodycam is from Minneapolis Park Police. The department’s role in the incident was brought into question because bystander footage showed one of their patrol cars.
CCTV footage from a nearby restaurant shows part of the altercation between Floyd and the officers. A handcuffed Floyd sits on the ground as a police officer, who was not seen in the original viral video, speaks to him before picking him up and holding him against the wall
George Floyd was filmed Monday begging the Minneapolis cop to stop kneeling on him and telling him he could not breathe before he lost consciousness and later died
Officers arrested him for allegedly trying to use forged documents at a local deli. 
The FBI and state law enforcement authorities have launched an investigation into the man’s death.  
A fatal shooting and lawsuit for excessive force: What we know about the four officers fired for George Floyd’s arrest
Derek Chauvin
In 2006 Derek Chauvin (pictured), 44, was one of six officers connected to the death of Wayne Reyes
The white police officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck has already been investigated over three police shootings and a fatal car chase.
In 2006 Derek Chauvin, 44, was one of six officers connected to the death of Wayne Reyes.
Reyes, 42 was killed by officers after allegedly pulling a shotgun on the six cops, which included Chauvin.
Two years later Chauvin was investigated for his role in the 2008 shooting of Ira Latrell Toles during a domestic assault call.
Toles was wounded after police said he went for an officer’s gun and Chauvin shot him.
And in 2011 23-year-old Leroy Martinez was shot and injured during a chase given by officers including Chauvin.
Tou Thao
Tou Thao (pictured), was part of a $25,000 out of court settlement after being sued for using excessive force in 2017
Tou Thao, was part of a $25,000 out of court settlement after being sued for using excessive force in 2017.
A lawsuit obtained by the shows Thao was sued for using excessive force in arrest where he was accused of punching and kicking a handcuffed suspect ‘until his teeth broke’.
The remaining two officers have been identified as Thomas Lane and J Alexander Kueng.
Both were reportedly rookie cops who were still in their probationary periods, according to the StarTribune.
Authorities claimed Tuesday that Floyd had resisted arrest by cops, however footage from the scene has cast doubt on the version of events as it appears to show the 46-year-old father-of-two cooperating with officers as he is manhandled out of his vehicle.
A release from the MFD report sheds more light on Monday’s shocking events, detailing that fire crew were called to assist medics with a man – called ‘pt’ in the report – who had trauma to his mouth.
It states that Fire Station 17 of Minneapolis arrived at the scene outside the Cup Foods store to find ‘multiple squads on scene and small crowd of citizens’.
The report points to confusion at the scene as neither the cops nor bystanders gave information to medics on Floyd or his location.
It says that while the crew tried to find Floyd to give medical support, they overheard and were told by ‘several people that the police ‘had killed the man”.
The report adds that the bystanders were ‘upset but not unruly’.
Crew members were finally able to find a cop inside the store who told them medics had put Floyd in an ambulance and left the scene.
Crew members were also told by an off-duty firefighter who witnessed the end of the struggle that they had seen Floyd become unresponsive on the ground while handcuffed and subdued by cops.
Medics then called for assistance and the crew responded to the ambulance which had moved to 36th and Park Avenue.
Two crew members got into the ambulance where they found ‘an unresponsive, pulseless male’, the report states.
According to the report, medics never managed to recover a pulse on route to the hospital and Floyd’s ‘condition did not change’.  
Thousands of defiant protesters took to the streets to demand justice for Floyd.
The victim’s family’s lawyer Ben Crump issued a statement urging protesters to act peacefully on Wednesday night and to not ‘sink to the level of our oppressors’.
‘The community is understandably and rightfully upset by the wrongful death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, and their grief and outrage are pouring out onto the streets of Minneapolis. We share these painful emotions and demand justice, but we also urge everyone who wishes to raise their voice to engage in peaceful protests and observe social distancing,’
‘We cannot sink to the level of our oppressors, and we must not endanger others during this pandemic. We will demand and ultimately force lasting change by shining a light on treatment that is horrific and unacceptable and by winning justice.’
A man poses for photos in front of a fire at an AutoZone store while protesters hold a rally for George Floyd in Minneapolis on Wednesday. Protests broke out for a second straight night