Amazon and Relentless have postponed the start of the first ‘Crucible’ season to improve the game.

Do you think that Amazon’s Crucible needs some polish before it can compete with the current crop of team-based shooters? So does Amazon. The Relentless Studios development team has extended (via Eurogamer and PCGamesN) the title’s pre-season period indefinitely until players get the “features and polish” they’ve been asking for, including voice chat. On top of this, the team is refining Crucible’s focus in a dramatic fashion — it’s “retiring” the Alpha Hunters and Command modes in favor of just one mode, Heart of the Hives.
The change of direction will be split into two phases, Relentless said. An initial phase will “build and iterate” on core aspects by adding must-have features like the previously mentioned voice chat as well as a wider ping system, a surrender system, dealing with idle players and a possible mini-map. The second phase, meanwhile, will bring “additional systems” and refinements such as tailoring the map and upgrading creatures.