Contrary to popular belief, Lea Michele doesn’t discriminate against her co-stars and peers. In fact, she treats everyone exactly the same.

  • Lea Michele is taking a hit these past few weeks as tales of her rotten attitude on-set spark outrage.
  • For Leas co-stars, this is nothing new and a decades-old problem they learned to live with on Glee.
  • However, is Lea really racist like some people think, or is she just a god-awful person?

When Lea Michele sent a tweet out into the universe supporting Black Lives Matter, she couldnt have anticipated what would come next. Samantha Ware, a star on season 6 of Glee, came forward to call her out on threatening to sh*t in her wig during shooting. Many thought this showed Leas true feelings toward people of color, and rightly so.
Samantha Ware called Lea Michele out for her behavior and racist comments | Source: Twitter
However, as the list of people Lea slighted continues to roll in, one thing is clear. Lea doesnt discriminate against anyone. Her sheer loathing for other people in her spotlight is vast and has no boundaries.
An anonymous source spoke to Us Weekly last week to confirm as much.
It didnt matter if you were young or old, black or white its just kind of her world. Though she was completely self-obsessed toward everyone, she did not discriminate.
Lea Michele the Dictator
Leas co-stars have painted a vivid picture of an aggressive bully in a short skirt and knee highs dominating the Glee set like she was Cruella Deville.
Its clear Lea Michele has little regard for others. | Source: Twitter
While its true that the show wouldnt have been the same without her character, Micheles transgressions and venom shouldnt have gone unanswered for so long. In her statement apologizing for her behavior, Lea used the age-old cop-out.
Whether it was my privileged position and perspective that caused me to be perceived as insensitive or inappropriate at times or whether it was just my immaturity and me just being unnecessarily difficult, I apologize for my behavior and for any pain which I have caused.
Thats the lengthy equivalent of Im sorry if you feel that way, which puts the blame on the aggrieved. Its otherwise known as gaslighting. Lea can try to say she was immature, but she was 22 when the show started, not 12. She was mature enough to take home $85,000 per episode, so she shouldve been mature enough to not be a raging, spoilt banshee to people unfortunate enough to work with her.
Lea Michele is no stranger to posing for likes | Source: Instagram
She Isnt Racist, Shes Just Awful
Amber Riley, who played Mercedes Jones on the show, addressed the controversy in an Instagram Live.
Im not going to say that Lea Michele is racist. Thats not what Im saying. That was the assumption because of whats going on right now in the world and it happened toward a black person. Im not going to say that shes racist.
Lea Michele and Amber Riley always had an awkward relationship | Source: Twitter
Riley is right. When it comes to slamming a person and making them feel like they should cower in her presence, Lea doesnt see color. I believe her when she said in her statement that she hasnt ever judged others by their background or color of their skin.
I believe shes judged them by how long they were able to deviate the attention away from herself. She may not be racist, but Michele certainly has no problem in honing in on someones ethnicity to make a disparaging comment if she feels like it. Just ask Samantha Ware.
Twitter reacts to Lea Micheles behavior | Source: Twitter
Lea has reportedly reached out to many of her former co-stars to atone for her sins. But, with a history this long and profound, is she really going to be able to make amends?
A leopard never changes its spots and actresses rarely change their attitude.
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