US vice-president Mike Pence’s aide tests positive for Covid-19

Coronavirus has infected more than 3.9 million people and killed more than 270,000, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University based on official data.
Here are the latest updates on the pandemic from around the world:
The British government is set to announce a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all travellers into Britain as part of measures aimed at avoiding a second peak of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been reported.
The Times says that British prime minister Boris Johnson will make the announcement in an address to the nation on Sunday.
Under the measures, which are expected to be implemented in June, all passengers arriving at airports and ports will be required to provide an address at which they will immediately self-isolate for 14 days.
The paper reports that authorities will conduct spot checks, with punishments for those not adhering to the rules including fines of up to £1,000 and deportation.
A Home Office spokeswoman told PA: We do not comment on leaks. The focus remains on staying at home to protect the NHS and save lives.
The aviation industry is calling on the government to reveal specifics of the proposal amid concerns that the measures could have severe repercussions for the travel and tourism sectors.
We need to see the details of what they are proposing, Airlines UK, which represents British Airways, EasyJet and other UK-based airlines, said in a statement to the BBC.
Responding to earlier speculation that a mandatory quarantine would be part of the governments coronavirus measures, Airlines UK issued a statement saying the proposal would effectively kill international travel to and from UK and cause immeasurable damage to the aviation industry and wider UK economy.
It added: Nobody is going to go on holiday if theyre not able to resume normal life for 14 days, and business travel would be severely restricted.
It will also make it all but impossible for aviation to resume any time soon, thereby setting back the UKs economic recovery still further.
A day after the White House confirmed that US president Donald Trumps personal valet had tested positive for the virus, Mr Trump told reporters that Katie Miller, press secretary to US vice-president Mike Pence, had also been infected. She is married to senior Trump aide and immigration policy hard-liner Stephen Miller and travels frequently with Mr Pence. The back-to-back diagnoses of individuals close to Mr Trump, Mr Pence and the White House inner circle raised questions about whether the highest levels of government are adequately safeguarded from infection. Weve taken every single precaution to protect the president, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany told reporters.
US president Donald Trump speaks as US vice-president Mike Pence. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP
More than 77,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus, out of more than 1.29 million confirmed cases, according to a Reuters tally. Elderly individuals and people with underlying chronic health conditions have been the most vulnerable. But New York governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday reported the death of a 5-year old boy from a rare inflammatory syndrome believed to be linked to the coronavirus, highlighting a potential new pandemic risk for children.
Italy has become the second European country to record more than 30,000 coronavirus deaths.
The Health Ministry registered 243 deaths on Friday, bringing the total of those who died in the country to 30,201.
Italy was the first country in Europe with a major outbreak of Covid-19.
Authorities said many more are likely to have died with the infection at home or in nursing homes without being diagnosed.
With 1,327 more cases registered in the 24-hour period ending on Friday evening, Italy now tallies 217,185 confirmed coronavirus infections. Some 11,000 more people have recovered from the illness than are currently positive for the infection.
Lombardy in the north continues to be the hardest-hit region, accounting for nearly one-half of the latest cases registered on Friday.
Health and government authorities are concerned that partial easing earlier in the week of some lockdown measures, such as reopening of public parks and gardens, could see a rise in cases if people ignore social distancing rules.
Spains health minister said the government will relax restrictions on the movement of just over half the countrys population next week.
Salvador Illa said the areas that have met targets to ease an almost two-month national lockdown account for 51 per cent of Spains 47 million people.
Starting on Monday, the places that qualify for the next phase of a gradual loosening of constraints will be allowed to reopen outdoor seating areas for smaller restaurants and bars, with 50 per cent of their seating capacity made available.
Social gatherings of up to 10 people, family reunions, open-air markets, church services and museum openings will also be permitted, though with some limitations.
The Madrid region, which leads Spain with more than 64,000 confirmed cases from the virus, and most of Catalonia, with more than 51,000, did not qualify for the partial lifting of restrictions.
Spain has reported 26,299 deaths from Covid-19 and 260,177 confirmed cases.
Officials reported 18 fresh cases of coronavirus in 24 hours, including 12 in the capital Seoul, as health workers scramble to trace contacts after detecting a slew of transmissions linked to clubgoers.
Figures released by South Koreas Centres for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday brought national totals to 10,840 cases and 256 deaths.
Most of the new cases are thought to be likely to be linked to the nightclubs in Seouls Itaewon leisure district, which was brought to a sudden standstill on Friday night following reports of the transmissions.
Officials said they detected at least 15 infections linked to a 29-year-old man who visited three clubs last Saturday before testing positive on Wednesday.
The infections raised concern about a broader spread of the virus in the Seoul metropolitan area, where about half of South Koreas 51 million people live.
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased by 1,251 to 168,551, data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases showed on Saturday. The reported death toll rose by 147 to 7,369, the tally showed.
The Bundesliga season will restart on May 16th, the German Football League (DFL) has said, making it the first European league to resume amid the
coronavirus epidemic. The DFL said the season would resume under strict health protocols, with no fans allowed in stadiums and several matches, including the Ruhr valley derby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04, taking place on the relaunch day. PA/Reuters