Unity multiplayer model with headless server using reliable UDP. – valkyrienyanko/Unity-MMORPG-Boilerplate

The purpose of this boilerplate is to make multiplayer in Unity a piece of cake, specifically for MMORPGs. The boilerplate consists of a launcher, a web server, a game server and a client. The idea is the user loads up the launcher, updates the client, launches the client, logs in to an account through the web server and then connects to the game server.
Table of Contents

  1. Features
  2. Contributing
  3. Contributors

*Note: Not all of these features have been implemented or fully completed.
ENet Server

  • Multi-Threaded Console Input Ouput Buffers
  • Fast Serialization / Deserialization with BinaryFormatter and BinaryReader
  • Reliable UDP Networking with ENet

Web Server

  • MySQL Database to Store User Accounts, Account Information and Purchases


  • UI Flow to Demonstrate Communication with Web Server / ENet Server


  • Handles Auto-Updating Client from GitHub Releases
  • Grabs Release Notes from GitHub Releases

This project is no where near complete, all contributions are highly appreciated and welcomed.
Please talk to me over Discord (valk#3277) to learn more on how you can contribute to the project. If you don’t want to wait for me to accept your friend request, you can join my discord and then you’ll be able to send me messages without a friend request.
And take a look at the Roadmap to v0.2 and Roadmap to v0.3