TV reporter working from home shows naked husband during live cross

We’re all pretty much glued to the news at the moment thanks to coronavirus, but viewers in the United States got more than they bargained for during one reporter’s live cross. Melinda Meza is a reporter for KCRA 3 in Sacramento, California and recently filmed a segment from home because of statewide lockdown measures.
In the report about styling your hair at home because of social distancing, Meza filmed herself cutting her own fringe in the bathroom.
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However, Meza was unfortunately unaware that a man’s reflection was visible in the mirror behind her – a completely naked man showering, to be exact.
The accidental photobomber is believed to be Meza’s husband Mike de Lambert.
Meza’s unfortunate X-rated cross appeared to go unnoticed until the segment was posted to YouTube, with screenshots of the moment ending up on Twitter.
“Why did she use the bathroom instead of another room?” one person tweeted, while another joked it was a “pleasant surprise”.
“Dude. Is this real? I’m dying,” another commented.
“Oh dear. Someone is gonna be embarrassed at work,” one person wrote.
Mezo isn’t the only TV star to accidentally make a rude slip-up live on air.
Last year well-known Italian cooking personality Gino D’Acampo appeared on UK breakfast show This Morning.
Discussing truffles with hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, D’Acampo’s mistake began when he asked them to smell a truffle he had brought with him.
“Not many people like truffle because of the smell,” he told Willoughby.
“For people at home and you don’t like it, do this experiment. You close your eyes, and what I want you to do is just analate. Analate as much as you can.
“The more you do that, analate …”
Both Schofield and Willoughby jumped in to correct D’Acampo, but it didn’t stop the accidentally hilarious moment from going viral
“Gino Anal’ing truffle on This Morning is the highlight of my morning,” one fan posted on Twitter, while another said: “Gino D’campo strikes again.”
“I have #ThisMorning on in the background. Did Gino say ‘anal it’ instead of ‘inhale’,” another asked, while one person wrote: “‘The more you analate’ um … Gino.”