Trump’s press secretary blasted Jimmy Kimmel for mocking the president’s claim about taking hydroxychloroquine.

President Donald Trumps press secretary Kayleigh McEnany blasted negative coverage of the presidents claims about hydroxychloroquine, including comments from Jimmy Kimmel, who is the host of a late-night comedy show.
McEnany had been defending hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug that Trump has repeatedly touted as a treatment for coronavirus, in response to a reporters question at Wednesdays White House press briefing. On Monday, Trump claimed he had been taking the drug as a preventative measure.
Ive seen a lot of apoplectic coverage of hydroxychloroquine, McEnany said during a White House press briefing before calling out the Jimmy Kimmel Live comedian, along with MSNBC Morning Joe anchor Joe Scarborough, Fox News Neil Cavuto and CNNs Chris Cuomo over their criticisms of Trump this week.
You had Jimmy Kimmel saying the presidents trying to kill himself by taking it. You had Joe Scarborough saying, This will kill you. Neil Cavuto saying, What have you got to lose? One thing you have to lose are lives.
Not only have numerous leading medical professionals voiced concerns that taking the drug when its not proven effective against COVID-19 could result in death, but the Food and Drug Administration also warned against its use in coronavirus cases outside of hospitals and clinical trials, citing serious heart risks among other concerns.
Kimmel, along with late-night comics Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah, slammed the presidents hydroxychloroquine usage on their shows this week. Earlier this month, Trump labeled Kimmel a wacko last placer in an angry tweet attacking several late-show hosts.
Watch the clip from the White House briefing above.
Kimmel later played the video during his show, joking that apparently his message resonated as hed received a scolding today from White House press secretary No. 4.
Thank you for watching, Kayleigh, its always nice to welcome a new fan, Kimmel said.
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