Trump took issue with a nurse’s claim that the delivery of PPE has been “sporadic.”

President Donald Trump is getting called out on social media over his treatment of a nurse during a National Nurses Day event in the Oval Office on Wednesday. 
“PPE has been sporadic,” Sophia L. Thomas, president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, said during the event, referring to the masks and other personal protective equipment needed to care for victims of the novel coronavirus.  
Thomas, who has been reusing her own N95 mask for weeks, said nurses adapt, called the situation “manageable” and vowed nurses would ensure that patients receive the care they need. But Trump zeroed in on her first line. 
“Sporadic for you, but not sporadic for a lot of other people,” he said.
“Oh no, I agree, Mr. President,” Thomas quickly replied.
Trump then folded his arms, claimed hospitals were “loaded up” with gowns and other essentials and blamed former President Barack Obama, who left office more than three years ago, for any shortages. At another point in the event, Trump said reports of shortages were “fake news.”
CNN’s Chris Cuomo slammed Trump’s response to the nurse’s comments. 
“He better cross his arms in a defensive posture,” Cuomo said after playing the clip. “First of all, how dare he do that to that nurse and put her on the spot. What is she supposed to say? Disagree with him?” 
Cuomo also pointed out the lack of PPE wasn’t “sporadic” but an ongoing problem and bashed Trump for dividing the nation instead of uniting it.
Others on social media also blasted the president’s comment: