They had a mini argument on camera

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020 – 10:24
Charli and Dixie D’Amelio got into an unexpected argument during James Charles’s YouTube Beauty Battle video. 
The girls were tasked with applying beauty products to each half of James’s face, with his subscribers having to choose which of the sisters gave him a better makeover.
During the video, James asked the duo about everything from TikTok content to their new life in Los Angeles. One question began: “How would you guys describe your relationship living together and working together?”
Charli immediately dived in with the response: “The worst! I literally went into her room last night when she got home to show her the clothes that I got for her and I opened the door and she closes the door in my face.”
Dixie responded: “But yesterday morning I was sleeping on my first day off in a very long time, I was sleeping. I was sleeping, it’s a Saturday morning and she goes “Dixie, Dixie, Dixie!” knocking on the door.
“It was something so stupid. My main problem with her is that she doesn’t apologise,” Dixie added, as Charli replied: “I shouldn’t have to apologise when I’m not wrong.”
Dixie continued: “When you do things wrong you never apologise. I’m always like can you at least apologise and she goes [rolls eyes] ‘sorry.’”
Despite arguing in the video, Dixie insisted their relationship is usually great: “I like working together because we’re there for each other. If we don’t want to speak up for ourselves on something then the other one can. 
She added: “We don’t fight that much, but when we do it’s bad.”
Anyone with a sister can relate.