She’s playing along with the internet’s favourite joke

Addison Rae is now selling themed merchandise after a clip of her reaction to The Kid LAROIs song about her went viral.
Deciding to play along with the joke, Addison has now dropped a hoodie and a phone case bearing the lyrics I need a bad bleep during a 48-hour flash sale on her site. The hoodie is priced at $50 with the phone case starting at $20 depending on size.
The track, which is called Addison Rae, features the verse: I need a bad bitch (Okay), uh (Ooh-ooh) / Addison Rae, lil’ shawty the baddest (Yeah), yeah. Upon its release in March, Addison appeared on Genius’s YouTube show to share her opinion of the song.
She read the lyrics out loud and said: So, these lyrics are obviously very heartfelt to me because I am Addison Rae and I think its really amazing that there is a song that even mentions my name in it.
The audio of her reaction has become a meme, with the clip being featured in over 26,000 videos on TikTok. 
Addison recently dropped a TikTok video where she poked fun at some of the memes. One video featured a creator turning into a unicorn at the exact second Addison said her own name out loud. Addison recreated the clip on her own channel:  
Dixie DAmelio has already promoted the ‘Bad Bleep’ merch on her Instagram Stories, with fans praising Addison for not taking herself too seriously: Just copped a hoodie, one person wrote, as another said: Brilliant ily.
Will you be purchasing Addisons merch?