She shared her experience in a video chat with Sylvester McNutt

Lili Reinhart has opened up about her experience of living with anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic.
In a conversation with self-help author Sylvester McNutt, the Riverdale actor discussed how lockdown has exacerbated some of her problems but has equally given her more time to reflect on her priorities.
I stress myself out all the time, she said. Going to the post office I really dont want to drive to post office. It gives me anxiety because I dont want to leave my dog, I dont want to have to deal with going out in public. 
Revealing that she tends to overthink simple tasks, Lili said: I dont want to deal with the mask thing, I would [wear a mask], but I dont want to put myself in a stressful environment. I get myself hyped up about very dumb things.
Sylvester suggested Lili should listen to a happy playlist while carrying out these tasks to distract her from her fears. Over time, he said this could help retrain her brain into feeling calm during stressful situations.
In the same conversation, Lili opened up about the anxiety she felt during her school years and said she often felt alien from her peers.
I really struggled during school. Obviously, I couldnt escape that situation, I didnt have a choice. I started getting panic attacks when I was in 8th grade so I think I was thirteen and every day in my 8th grade year I would cry in the morning.
One thing that helped Lili get through this was to shift her viewpoint on her anxiety by concentrating on the fact that her feelings were temporary and better days would come.
If you’re experiencing issues with your mental health and want to talk to someone, you can find support at Samaritans.