Seven movies to watch at home this week: Logan Lucky, Away We Go and more

Whats playing at the home cinema this week? These seven flicks.LOGAN LUCKY
A few weeks back, we waxed lyrical about Ocean’s Eleven. If you want to keep the fun, heisty times going, skip the sequels and go straight to the infinitely better and more clever Logan Lucky, which was also directed by Steven Soderbergh – the filmmaker even came out of retirement to make it.
Sometimes described as a “redneck” Ocean’s Eleven, Logan (Channing Tatum) is an out-of-work construction worker who, along with his brother Clyde (Adam Driver) and sister Mellie (Riley Keogh) and a safecracker named Joe Bang (an outrageous Daniel Craig), plot to rob a racetrack on a big race day weekend.
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Who else could dream up Vladislav the Poker and Viago the four-century-old dandy with a penchant for chore wheels, other than the warped minds of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement?
This Kiwi gem is a masterclass in understated comedy – understated being an odd word to describe a film with spurting blood and werewolf attacks. But that’s what it is, an unflashy, wry comedy, a mockumentary of a nest of vampire housemates in Wellington.
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If Indiana Jones spent more time on the water, he would be the paragon of a swashbuckler.
Never mind that Indy should really call himself a tomb raider or treasure hunter than an actual archaeologist, because when there’s adventure afoot and Nazis to defeat, the finer details aren’t that important, right?
Or is it that Harrison Ford manages to twinkle his eyes in just the right way, as he runs off with that gold icon, somehow dodging all those arrows?
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Starring Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis and Isabella Rossellini, this black comedy about the follies of vanity and chasing youth still holds up really, really well – much like the magic potion in the movie can do for your sagging skin.
It’s goofy and macabre and highly implausible, but the over-the-top nature of the story, the characters and the performances are exactly why Death Becomes Her is gloriously enchanting.
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For a pair of overgrown frat boys who view women as disposable conquests, John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) sure are charming, and in the end, they learn to appreciate that there’s more to life than crashing parties and bedding women.
But the journey to self-enlightenment is a noisy, side-splitting laugh-fest. The best part though is the revelation of Isla Fisher as a comedy goddess with perfect timing and the willingness to make herself seem utterly crazy.
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Director Sam Mendes is better known for his big hitters such as American Beauty, Skyfall and now 1917. But one of his underappreciated gems has to be Away We Go, a sweet love story starring John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph.
The pair play Verona and Burt, a young couple expecting a child and looking for a new home to raise their family. What follows is a road trip across the US visiting friends and family, and the discovery that every family has challenges but what binds us together is love.
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Can you even begin to imagine how President Andrew Shepherd might’ve handled the coronavirus pandemic? Maybe don’t, because that’s a depressing “what if” game.
This love letter to democracy, service and decency is a stirring drama about good people doing the right thing. Maybe that’s unrealistic, maybe it’s a pipe dream, but damn if it doesn’t make for great comfort viewing.
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