Prime Minister Scott Morrison is joining live tonight to answer your questions about the coronavirus pandemic.

Question: “When you’ve been on the phone to other world leaders like Boris Johnson or Donald Trump, have any of them said to you how did you do it? How did you flatten the curve?”
Ever the diplomat, Scott Morrison says world leaders are “all trying to learn from each other”.
He notes he had some excellent, illuminating conversations with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a few weeks ago.
More recently, he spoke to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who he described as “full of beans” after recovering from the virus.
“He was very much asking that exact question,” Mr Morrison says.
“And I was able to take him through what we’d done on the border shutdown, and then the tracing, and the testing we’d put in place.
“The common elements of how you deal with this are quite clear.”
Those three elements are comprehensive testing, the “industrialisation of those health detectives” tracking down every case, and the ability to have a localised response when there is an outbreak.”
To back up that third point, Mr Morrison points to examples of localised responses in northwest Tasmania and the meatworks plant in Melbourne.