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1.) Post videos of perfectly cut screams (Screams do not need to be cut off by the ending of the video, however, the scream should be the focus)
2.) No timestamp abusing (Editing clips to be a scream that otherwise wouldn’t be)
3.) Don’t be racist or some shit if somebody is being racist, snitch on them super hard
4.) Don’t spoil stuff either. Nobody likes spoilers. If your content contains spoilers for something, please mark them as such.
You can mark a spoiler by using the code >! !< ex. >!spoiler text goes here!< | Should look like.. Endgame kills Infinity War
5.) No reposting. 3 months is the loose statute of limitations for reposting. If a video is 3 months old, it’s probably fair game.
6.) Absolutely no NSFL or animal cruelty. This is a friendly place. Just don’t do it.
7.) Try to keep videos short. There isn’t a limit, this isn’t YTHaiku or anything, but the shorter the better.
8.) If a YouTube link is available, please use that instead of v.reddit. We like to support content creators here, and v.reddit takes away credit and views to the creators who need it & deserve it.
9.) No Minecraft except on Minecraft Mondays. Save all your posts up and unleash the fury every Monday.
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