PM hails contribution of state govts in fight against COVID-19 pandemic, says they have played a very active role.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his monthly radio broadcast, Mann ki Baat, addressed the people mentioning all the measures taken to fight the deadly Coronavirus and appreciated the work done by citizens and people from various specialisations.
He welcomed all the suggestions and feedback received for featuring in the programme. “India’s Coronavirus fight is people driven. You are fighting it, the administration is fighting with you. In a country like ours, this is the way forward. Each one of you is a soldier in this fight,” he said.
“Whether it is offering food to people, making arrangements in hospitals, everyone is contributing. Look at our farmer brother, they are growing food as well as ensuring no one goes hungry. While someone is making masks, others are offering food. Even people staying in quarantine centres are painting the schools they are staying,” he said.
“The government has prepared a digital platform where you can contribute. I bow my head in honour of your sentiment to contribute to the nation. Lots of people, be it doctors, health workers or nurses, are associating with it,” he added.
He appreciated the use of technology. The country has seen what can be done when the country works as a team. PM cited the contribution of aviation workers and railways. He appreciated the banking sector. Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan package has come to the aid of people.
He said he will appreciate the contribution of the State Governments.
“Health workers have appreciated the ordinance to protect them from discrimination and attacks. This was a very essential step. I feel we have also got an opportunity to look at society and our surroundings with a fresh outlook. Whether it is our sanitation workers or those delivering essential services or the neighborhood auto drivers, people are appreciating. Not just doctors, people’s perception has changed about police. Earlier, it used to be negative perception. But now with our police force engaged in humane activities, perception has changed.
You would have seen in recent days, how India followed her culture. Even developed countries required medicines. The world would have understood even if we had refused. But while taking care of our needs, we provided medicines to across the world. When I speak to head of States on phone and they say thank you India, our pride goes up.
PM mentions the protocol issued by the Ayush Ministry for citizens to follow. At times, when some other country gives us our own principles with research, we immediately accept. Maybe it’s our mindset of being colonized. But this mindset needs to change and the youth should work on research based evidence of our strengths.
Other changes happening as well. People are wearing masks. It doesn’t mean everyone is sick. Earlier, when people would take fruits, neighbours would ask is anyone sick? That has changed. Same mindset with mask will also change. I say that you should wear a gamcha. Another thing that needs to change is our habit of spitting.
“Today is also Akshay Tritiya. This year, it has special significance. It reminds us that our soul is unbeatable. No matter how difficult the challenge. On this Akshay Tritiya, we have to think about environment, jungle, river and keep them protected. Akshay Tritiya also signifies the power of giving. Even in Jain tradition, it is a holy day. As their first Tirthankar Rishabh Dev had a significant day. Can we use this day to take a new resolve. Today is also the birth anniversary of Bhagwan Basweswar. This is also the Holy month of Ramzan. Let’s hope before Eid arrives, we get rid of Corona[virus]. Let’s hope we follow the advice of the authorities  are followed during Ramzan. The pandemic has changed the way we celebrate our festivals. Everyone observed restraint. Even our Christian brothers observed Easter with great patience. I must also warn that we should not be over confident. Don’t think that corona has not reached your part of the country, it will never come. The moment you take off your eyes, there will be accident,” says PM.