On the back of 429 new infections and another 13 deaths in Victoria, significant announcements are made about further financial assistance for residents and restrictions to business.

On the back of 429 new infections and another 13 deaths in Victoria, significant announcements were made on Monday afternoon about financial assistance, further restrictions to business and whether the state could move to stage five lockdown measures.
Premier Daniel Andrews and Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed a nation anxiously waiting to hear how Victoria’s predicament could be solved.
If you missed it, here’s what you need to know.
These are the Melbourne businesses which can stay open
Mr Andrews grouped metropolitan businesses into three categories.
Those that will remain open include supermarkets, bottle shops, pharmacies, petrol stations, banks, newsagencies, post offices, bakeries, butcher shops and health businesses.
Supermarkets will remain open in Melbourne while other businesses such as fast food retailers will be restricted to takeaway and delivery.(ABC News: Daniel Fermer)
Those businesses that will stay open but operate very differently from midnight Friday are meatworks, abattoirs and construction.
The Premier specifically mentioned construction and further divided this area into three more groups: large-scale government construction would continue but look to further shed workers; large commercial projects above three stories would be restricted to 25 per cent of their workforce onsite and; residential construction would only be allowed five workers onsite.
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Retail and manufacturing will close from midnight Wednesday
As well as some administration businesses.
There will be home delivery, or drive-by pickups depending on the store, however.
There will be a $5,000 grant for closed businesses in regional Victoria
And an extra $5,000 for metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire businesses.
Businesses that are forced to close, like restaurants, cafes, beauty businesses and gyms in regional Victoria as part of stage three, will be eligible for a $5,000 grant from the Victorian Government.
“We will do our best, our very best to get those paid as quickly as we can,” Mr Andrews said.
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“In terms of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, you will be aware that we are currently in the process of paying out literally thousands of $5,000 grants.
“I can announce today will add a further $5,000 to those grants, acknowledging that they will have been under these restrictions now for a period significantly longer than the first six weeks as foreshadowed.”
That means there is now $10,000 available for metropolitan Melbourne businesses.
Mr Andrews said those businesses should receive about $20,000 together with other waivers of taxes and charges, and significant payroll tax refunds.
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Leaders don’t want to consider stage five lockdowns
Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton said while current measures weren’t a “last resort”, “there aren’t really many other settings that you can go to”.
“But we’ve seen it work across the world. We know it’s more challenging in the second wave. But we’ve seen it work, and it will work,” he said.
“The alternative is inconceivable.
“We need everyone to do what we’re doing now to get to where we want to be.”
A permit system for workers will be brought in
Metropolitan Melbourne residents will get a “piece of paper” which outlines where they work and what they do there to allow them to travel to and from work.
Mr Andrews doesn’t want people in a “really challenging situation where they have to explain themselves even though they don’t really need to”.
“That’s going to be a simple, common-sense process, and we’ll have more to say about that soon,” he said.
“Police will be stopping you. They will be asking those questions. They’ll do it respectfully. And they’ll be very fair in these early days in that they’ll probably err on the side of you know, it is early.
“But the time will come when that gets turned off. And anyone who stops and doesn’t have a lawful reason, will get fined.”
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250,000 extra people will be stood down
They will be in addition to about 250,000 people who were already stood down at the start of the pandemic.
There are about another 500,000 people who will be working from home.
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced drastic restrictions on Melbourne in a bid to get the coronavirus infection rate under control.(AAP: David Crosling)
“That is essential for the 1 million workers who are not travelling to and from work every day. When you add in 1 million students together with teachers and staff, that is when you are radically, dramatically changing the number of people moving around the community, and therefore, the number of points at which the virus can be transmitted from one person to another,” Mr Andrews said.
“JobKeeper and JobSeeker are at the higher level, the higher rate until well into September, well past the six-week window, and I will continue my discussions around cash flow support, business support, other things we can do.”
There is going to be economic collateral damage
Mr Andrews said, “until we fix the health problem, we simply cannot open the economy up again”.
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“So there is significant damage that needs to be done here, but there is no choice but to do that damage, to fix the health problem and then be able to move to rebuilding the economy.
“We know that damage is not just in dollars and cents. That damage will present in lots of different ways, and that is why throughout this week I have more to say around support for those who are living with family violence, those who have significant mental health issues, and those who are experiencing anxiety and depression and many of the attendant challenges of this really difficult set of circumstances.”
Restrictions are aimed at reducing movement of people to just 25 per cent
“We need to dramatically reduce people moving in the community,” Mr Andrews said.
“We think as a maximum, 25 per cent, that is where we want to get to, but it cannot exceed more than 25 per cent.
“We think that is workable, it is not pleasant, no-one will enjoy that, but it is doable and we think the reward for that effort, the dividend in terms of dealing with the risk of the spread of this virus, justifies us doing that.”
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says with over 700 cases where the source of infection cannot be traced, lockdowns must be strengthened.
We should see the effects over the next 10-14 days
Prof Sutton said the effects of mask-wearing should be noticed in the next week.
He said there was “real confidence” this could be achieved.
“And it’s not just my view, this is coming from the public health team that supports me and it’s AHPPC’s view, the national committee of chief health officers they are in support of this approach by Victoria,” he said.
“They think it’ll work. And they absolutely think it’s necessary.
“I think we can drive down to a point where we’ve got very minimal new cases. But there will be, you know, thousands of active cases over that period of time that will come down more slowly because people obviously have to recover, including hospitalised patients who might be in hospital for a matter of weeks.
“So, you know, those active cases will persist for some time, but it’s the new cases that we’ll be watching on a day-to-day basis.”
Prof Sutton said the state “genuinely flattened the curve, but they flattened the curve to a point where we got to a plateau”.
Victoria Police have extra powers to enforce the new health restrictions and will be making sure the curfew is adhered to.(ABC News: Chris Le Page)
The PM is bringing in a pandemic leave disaster payment
“This pandemic is a disaster. And we need a disaster payment when it comes for people who have to isolate for a period of 14 days through no fault of their own, regardless of what job they’re in or employment they’re in they need that support,” Mr Morrison said.
“Those already receiving JobSeeker are already getting income support.
“Those already getting JobKeeper are already receiving income support if they’re in those circumstances.
“So what we’ll be putting in place is, for those who have no more sick leave available to them, that they will be eligible for a $1,500 payment for the fortnight.
“That payment will be modelled on the same criteria the Victorian Government put in place.”
To apply for the Commonwealth’s pandemic leave disaster paymentsphone 180 22 66.
Scott Morrison says there will be no reason for people to break isolation and go to work
The PM had a message for Victorians
“I know it’s a really tough day for you. And I know you’ve had some really heartbreaking news.
“The idea that, in this country, we’d be living at a time where there would be a night curfew on an entire city of the size of Melbourne was unthinkable.
“But, frankly, as we’ve moved through this pandemic, we’ve had to deal with a lot of unthinkable things. But I’ll tell you what we will deal with it.
“Victorians, I know, are up to it. I know they will support each other. And I know that other Australians will support Victorians.
“I just want all Victorians to know that, here, your Australian Government will continue to stand with you with all the support we can provide, because you will get through this, and we will get through it together once again.”
Andrews will make more announcements tomorrow
He is going to provide more detail on doorknocking and compliance, particularly for positive cases and close contacts.
He will also outline the penalties for unacceptable behaviour over the next six weeks.
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