Olive Veronesi was photographed holding a dry-erase board through her window that said: “I NEED MORE BEER!!”

A 93-year-old woman, who’s following social distancing protocol amid the coronavirus pandemic, has a clear message for the world: She needs more beer.
Olive Veronesi, who lives in Seminole, Pennsylvania, was photographed by a relative while holding a dry-erase board through her window that read: “I NEED MORE BEER!!”
In the photo, Veronesi is grinning while holding the dry-erase board and a can of Coors Light beer.
At 93, she’s in the age group which can experience more severe illness from the coronavirus, including pneumonia, or death, according to Associated Press. Those groups have been advised to take extra care as COVID-19 continues to spread.
While the message was meant for her daughter and neighbors, the photo has garnered more than 26,000 likes since it was posted to Facebook by local news station KDKA-TV on Friday.
“I have a beer every night,” she told KDKA-TV. “It’s something to [help] relax, you know?”
Tina Rogers, who wrote one of more than 2,000 comments on the Facebook post, said: “That is awesome and obviously the reason she looks so good at 93.”
Another Facebook user named Michele Bobko commented: “How can we get this lady’s address? We need to help this lady out!”
According to KDKA-TV, Veronesi’s sign had paid off, as several people around the world have offered to provide her with some beer. 
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