NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says coronavirus restrictions in the state will not ease any further this week, despite the National Cabinet agreeing on a three-step plan to reopen most of the country by July.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has confirmed there will be no further easing of the state’s coronavirus restrictions this week.
Key points:

  • QLD, SA and TAS have announced they’ll start to ease restrictions from next week
  • NSW will not change restrictions this week despite making headway in the fight against COVID-1
  • Just 0.057 per cent of people tested this week returning positive swabs

It follows the unveiling by Prime Minister Scott Morrison of a three-step plan agreed to by the National Cabinet to reopen most of the country by July.
Some states, including Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania have indicated they will start to ease restrictions from next week.
But in a statement, Ms Berejiklian said there would be no change to the status quo in NSW.
“As I stated earlier this week, there will be no further change to restrictions in NSW this week,” she said.
Ms Berejiklian welcomed the framework endorsed by the National Cabinet and said it provided “a clear pathway to what citizens can look forward to in coming months”.
“NSW will continue to keep our citizens updated on our path forward.”
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It comes as Australia’s worst-affected coronavirus state made headway this week in its fight against coronavirus.
NSW is on track to record its lowest number of weekly infections since the pandemic began, as testing increases and new cases flatline.
From Monday to 8:00pm yesterday, NSW Health confirmed just 19 new COVID-19 patients, despite swabbing 33,188 people.
The drop in new infections is in stark contrast to Victoria, which has already recorded 58 new cases this week amid an outbreak at a Melbourne abattoir.
At the height of the pandemic, NSW recorded 212 cases in a single day.
This table shows how the curve has flattened in Australia’s worst-affected state over the past seven weeks:

Week starting Confirmed cases
March 23 1,249
March 30 719
April 6 245
April 13 100
April 20 45
April 27 37
May 4 19 (so far)

Premier Gladys Berejiklian is aiming to test about 60,000 people a week in a bid to track the virus’s spread.
This week saw record levels of testing, peaking with 10,902 on Wednesday.
“I want to thank the community for your patience and for heeding the advice we’re giving,” she said today.
“As we ease restrictions, the more people that come forward get tested, the better our ability to monitor the spread but also to consider further restrictions being eased.”
Yesterday, health authorities in NSW confirmed four new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number in the state to 3,047.
The improving numbers come despite a slight easing of the state’s social-distancing lockdown last weekend.
NSW’s downward trend is at odds with the national trajectory this week.
Since Monday, a total of 97 coronavirus new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Australia, already up on the previous week’s tally of 78.
Queensland has recorded 10 new coronavirus infections so far this week, while WA has found one positive swab in the past nine days.
This chart uses a logarithmic scale to highlight coronavirus growth rates. Read our explainer to understand what that means and what we can learn from countries that have slowed the spread.
There have been more than 6,900 COVID-19 cases in Australia, meaning roughly half of them are in NSW.
Of the 3,047 people infected in NSW, 2,486 have recovered and 46 have died.
This week, just 0.057 per cent of the people tested for coronavirus in NSW returned positive swabs.
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