More than 294,000 cases are reported in the past 24 hours worldwide.

Religious groups were part of anti-government protestsImage caption: Religious groups were part of anti-government protests
South Korea has reported its biggest Covid-19 outbreak in five months and officials are pointing fingers at the leader of a religious sect for flouting restrictions.
A total of 279 new cases have been reported, more than double the 103 reported on Friday. Most of the new cases are in and around the capital Seoul.
The Sarang Jeil Church led by Reverend Jun Kwang-hoon, a controversial pastor and an outspoken government critic, accounts for 107 of the new cases.
The health ministry has accused Jun of violating restrictions by holding a rally on Saturday and failing to provide a full list of his congregation to allow tracking and testing.
More than 10,000 people took part in anti-government protests in the capital on Saturday.
President Moon Jae-in said there would be a stern response to members of the sect.
“It is a very senseless act that hampers efforts of the whole people to contain the spread of the new coronavirus,” Moon wrote on Facebook.
“It is a clear challenge to the national disease control and prevention system, and an unforgivable act that threatens the lives of the people.”
The government will take “very stern and strong measures, he added.