Life in lockdown: Internet debates how to organise cutlery drawer – but which way is right?

What brand of tomato sauce we buy, how we fold our clothes, which stove top ring is our favourite we all have our small preferences when it comes to running our homes.But it turns out, none of these compare to how passionately people feel about their cutlery drawers.
That’s right, a fierce debate has broken out online over the “correct” way to store your cutlery – so how does your drawer compare?
One dad sparked the fierce debate after shared a photo of his (fairly organised) cutlery drawer on the Facebook group How to Dad, and to be honest, it doesn’t look like anything special.
However, it’s actually the order in which he’s put his knives, forks and spoons that’s the cause of all the drama.
He wrote: “I’m sorry but if your cutlery drawer doesn’t go in the order of ‘knives, forks, spoons’ then you need to go.”
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Naturally, his fighting talk stirred up some equally passionate responses in the group.
Many argued that you should store your cutlery in the order you use it at the table – starting with forks on the left, followed by knives and with spoons on the right.
One horrified user replied: “Why would you put the knives on the left in the drawer when at the table you hold your knife with your RIGHT hand?”
Another added: “Put the knife and fork in the drawer as you would lay them on the table…then spoons go to the side. Honestly, I despair for mankind. I had no idea so many people were getting this simple concept so wrong!”
However, others passionately argued that spoons should go in the middle of forks and knives – to which one unimpressed user said only a “psychopath” would do.
“This is all wrong, it’s messing with my head,” they wrote. “It’s forks, spoons, then knives.”
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So how should cutlery be stored? According to kitchen showroom designer Elain Maytom, there are ‘no hard and fast rules’.
The expert said most people like to arrange their cutlery in the order they put it out on the table – with forks on the left, knives in the middle and spoons on the right.
“It always makes sense to have the handles facing out and nearest to you, so that’s what you grab hold of when taking them out,” she told d Home Beautiful.
But despite the fact the picture waged a war in the group, at least everyone could agree that teaspoons belong in their own separate space underneath the knives, forks and spoons.
Meanwhile, as life in lockdown continues, others have turned to showing off their newly arranged cutlery drawers – a task completed out of sheer boredom.
“What did you do today…? Sorted my cutlery drawer,” one person wrote on Twitter.
This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission