Jeffrey Epstein’s private island pictured in never-before-seen photos

New photos have emerged showing Jeffrey Epstein gallivanting around his private Caribbean island with young, bikini clad women.One photo shows a young woman clutching onto Epstein as he rides around on a jet ski.
The woman in the photo is Sarah Kellen, 41, who has been named as Epstein’s personal assistant, and someone “second in command” to Ghislaine Maxwell.
“Anything that he remembered throughout the day, she took notes and managed his life. She was his personal assistant,” a source told the New York Post.
The source added: “Jeffrey was always up before everyone else, drinking coffee at that table. He would be taking notes, in his robe every morning, writing down ideas, making phone calls, calling the office. Most of the daily life was spontaneous but Sarah was always by his side.”
A representative for Keller, who reportedly married professional race car driver Brian Vickers in 2013, has previously described her as having been sexually abused by Epstein for years.
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The unnamed source who has been to the island has claimed that Epstein would watch topless college girls on Girls Gone Wild while he did his workouts on a bike for “inspiration”.
“Jeffrey loved to work out in his personal gym on the island. It was huge, about 3,000 square foot in size. There was an area to do ballet in and a pilates machine which was something he was into for a bit,” the source said, according to the New York Post.
“But what he really liked was the bike and he would forever be on it watching ‘Girls Gone Wild’ while working out. He said it was an inspiration for him and he would do about 45 minutes a day in there.”
It has been suggested he was “engrossed” by videos of topless girls at bars and clubs.
In another photo taken on Little St James Island, Epstein sits next to a young girl while he is in a white robe, conducting business.
This woman has been identified as Nadia Marcinkova, a Slovakian model, who is also alleged to have been one of his victims.
Marcinkova’s lawyers, Erica Dubno and Aaron Mysliwiec, told the New York Post she has been left “severely traumatized” by the experience.
“Nadia wishes to express her compassion and support for her fellow survivors, who also fell prey to Jeffrey Epstein’s predatory abusive behavior,” the lawyers said in a statement on Wednesday.
“Like his other victims, she hopes that in time they are all able to find a sense of closure and move past the horrors they have been through.”
A different shot shows Epstein going on a hike with three women, who have not been identified.
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A source described the island as having the “best of the best” amenities for the women, which would include food, clothing and décor.
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“The bedrooms were like your ideal Caribbean bungalow that you would find in a five-star hotel suite,” the source said.
“The linens were crisp and thick. Super high end. Best quality everything,” they revealed to the Daily Mail.
The home sitting on Epstein’s island was described as “paradise and idyllic. But on the opposite end of the spectrum the dark side was just as extreme.
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A South African woman who stayed on the island, Sarah Ransome, claimed that she was raped as many as three times a day over five months.
“A shark would have been my best friend at that point. I didn’t even think about it – it was just, get me away,” Ransome explained, according to the Daily Mail.
Epstein took his own life in August 2019, while awaiting trial over sex trafficking charges.