Is he hoping for a reconciliation?

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020 – 10:09
Griffin Johnson has spoken up on whether he’d be on board to give his relationship with Dixie D’Amelio another chance.
In a video published on The Hollywood Fix, the TikToker refused to rule out a reconciliation in the future and said he isn’t interested in dating anyone else following the couple’s split earlier this month.
The cameraperson asked: “Are things totally done for sure with you and Dixie? Do you think you might work things out?” as Griffin replied: “Dude, I’d say for now we’re just chilling, man, like… you know, you always just go with the flow.”
When asked if he’s looking for a new girlfriend, Griffin said he’s not in the right place to start moving on: “Dude, probably not for a while. Honestly, like, I’m just going to sit down and do my thing… focus on the boys, you know?”
This aligns with a recent statement Dixie made in a video published on Celebrity Livin. At the time, she opened up about remaining on good terms with Griffin amid claims he cheated on her.
“I just don’t like being on bad terms with anyone. I mean, it’s life. It is what it is, things happen. I’m definitely going to be by myself for a very long time…But there’s also no point in having bad blood or internet beef for no reason… it’s not worth it.”
Do you think Griffin and Dixie are better off as friends or are you still hoping they’ll get back together?