“I obviously do care about everyone”

Charli DAmelio has defended herself from claims shes socialising too much by revealing she regularly gets tested for coronavirus. 
In a video published on Instagram Live, Charli said: I obviously do care about everyone. Outside dinners in California [are] something that everyone is allowed to do, and if it wasnt, I wouldnt be going.
I make sure I wear my mask when I walk in and when I leave I put my mask back on so Im making sure that Im being safe, but throughout this Ive been getting tests.
She added: It doesnt matter who you are, it doesnt matter how many followers you have, if you show up to a shoot and you get a positive test you have to go home. If one person gets a positive test, everyone has to go home
Charli explained that shes been getting frequent negative” results and said she receives no special treatment at work: To be able to do what I do, as in shoots or video shoots, photo shoots, whatever it is, you have to have a negative COVID test.
She clarified: I wouldnt be seeing anyone if I didnt know that I had a negative COVID test.
Back in March, Charli debuted the #distancedance to encourage fans to follow public health recommendations during the pandemic. The challenge also served as a fundraising campaign to help at-risk populations who have been impacted by the spread of coronavirus.