How is Brendan Taylor living life in the shadow of Covid-19? Hygienically, that’s how |

We spoke to Brendan Taylor for our Downtime Diaries series, where cricketers let us look into their lives and routines in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic
How many times a day do you wash your hands?We have taken washing hands for granted. I think I wash my hands about 15-20 times a day now. We are taking it very seriously. Hopefully it is a habit that continues forever. Your hands are touching everything, so it is highly important that you respect that.
Is this break allowing you to help your partner in any way?It is different. You have to realise that your routines have to change. You are always in each other’s space now. Nothing wrong with it, but that brings a different dynamic to the relationship.
It is quite enjoyable getting to spend more time with your partner – not like before, when I was always travelling. I am doing a little bit more cooking, but she runs the household very well.
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Have you tried cooking something for the first time?I am a very poor cook, but it is something that I have quite enjoyed in the last two weeks. Most evenings we do a little barbeque for the kids. They are starting to learn too. It is fun. This period is teaching us to appreciate this time together. I am getting better at it, but my wife definitely has that one [cooking] covered.
What films or shows are you watching online?I’m watching Tiger King, which is a big hit on Netflix. I have enjoyed quite a lot of old cricket videos that are being aired on TV now because there’s no live sports. There’s a lot of good stuff that I haven’t seen in the last ten years.
Which team-mates have you been talking to?This period has taught me to be a little better at keeping in touch with friends that I have not seen for a long time. I have enjoyed catching up with people in the county set-up, where I had three good years. Alex Hales, Luke Fletcher, Steve Mulaney and Harry Gurney are lifelong friends. I’ve also enjoyed touching base with Graeme Cremer, who is now based in Dubai, and Charles Coventry, who is now in South Africa. I do make an effort to phone someone different once a day and catch up with them.
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Speaking of old cricket, if you could watch a match from the past in full on video while you’re stuck at home, which one would it be?I watched the 438 game – Australia v South Africa – rated as the best one-day game ever played, probably closely followed by the [2019] World Cup final. That one wasn’t long ago but it was an incredible experience watching it.
How about that game against Bangladesh where you hit Mashrafe Mortaza for a last-ball six to win the game?Jeepers, that’s 14 years ago!
I just returned from Bangladesh, where Mashrafe resigned as captain. What a superb leader he was. It was nice to see the send-off he got as a captain. I hope he plays a few more games and finishes on a high note. He has been Bangladesh’s greatest leader, no doubt. A real competitor. There’s been good battles with him. He has got me out a few times. He is always up for the challenge.
I have come across that 2006 game on YouTube – seen it a few times over the years. It was a great game. I remember there was a hat-trick and we needed 17 off the last over. It was a good feat to get that, and it helped us level the series. And we went on to win the series.