“How about the cold, dead hands of the children who have died in school shootings?” one person responded on Twitter.

The National Rifle Association drew resentment and ridicule over its response to the news that New York Attorney General Letitia James is looking to disband the gun lobbying group over alleged financial misconduct.
Following James announcement Thursday, the NRA tweeted:
From our cold, dead hands.
— NRA (@NRA) August 7, 2020
Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter Jaime was killed in the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, turned the tweet back on the group:
It is the cold, dead hands of my daughter and other innocent Americans that are never letting up on the @NRA. Your illegal terrorist business enterprise that engaged in money laundering and fraud with its victims treated as a cost of doing business is over. YOUR TIME IS UP!!! https://t.co/NU863Vyq29
— Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) August 7, 2020
Parkland survivor David Hogg responded with the empty thoughts and prayers platitude that some politicians repeat following mass shootings:
Cameron Kasky, also a survivor of the Parkland shooting, said the NRAs hands seem pretty cold and dead right now tbh.
I mean they seem pretty cold and dead right now tbh https://t.co/St92mzk8bk
— Cam Kasky (@cameron_kasky) August 7, 2020
Other critics noted the irony of the tweet, which is part of the Ill give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands slogan popularized by the NRA that its late president, the actor Charlton Heston, referenced in a speech at its 2000 convention.
No one is taking away your guns, just your ability to run a fraudulent charity. https://t.co/9AC9HsR1tI
— Nate Igor Smith (@drivenbyboredom) August 7, 2020
How about the cold, dead hands of the children who have died in school shootings? https://t.co/cg7A3WylAT
— Samuel Scott (@samueljscott) August 7, 2020
Yeah, the NRA’s hands are definitely cold and dead. RIP @NRA. https://t.co/fptJQKRItB
— Touré (@Toure) August 7, 2020
The guns? Or the money? https://t.co/iXCaj8c7B8
— Andrew Crespo (@AndrewMCrespo) August 7, 2020
From your lips to gods ears. https://t.co/YLrmqznFTC
— Jonathan Gitlin (@drgitlin) August 7, 2020
No problem! Usually, you make other people’s hands that way https://t.co/GdhRrYLIr8
— Chase Mitchell (@ChaseMit) August 7, 2020
Deal. https://t.co/ehGtSrl0Hn
— William LeGate (@williamlegate) August 7, 2020
“Your proposal is acceptable.” https://t.co/frib9oYw07
— MovieBob Productions (@the_moviebob) August 7, 2020
The irony behind this tweet is fucking insane lmaooo https://t.co/nnzOGESiqO
— Matt Will Post (@MattPostSaysHi) August 7, 2020
threatening violence https://t.co/UybB4SZdf8
— Jeremy Wein (@thismyshow) August 7, 2020