He says U.P. police had made its intention clear to kill “everyone related to Vikas Dubey”

A Maharashtra-based lawyer, who filed a petition in the Supreme Court hours before the killing of gangster Vikas Dubey, sought an urgent court hearing on Saturday (July 11) itself.
In a written communication to the Supreme Court on Saturday, advocate Ghanshyam Upadhyay sought an extremely urgent hearing, saying the U.P. police had made its intention clear to kill everyone related to Vikas Dubey without ascertaining whether they were in anyway associated with the July 3 ambush of a police team and murder of eight police officers at Bikru village.
Vikas Dubey was arrested on July 9 from Ujjain, M.P. and his custody was obtained by U.P. police. In the petition itself, it was apprehended that there is every possibility of U.P. police resorting to kill Vikas Dubey in fake encounter during his transit and eventually, this happened and he was also killed in fake encounter, the letter to the Supreme Court said.
It said there was apprehension that the manner in which U.P. police has resorted to kill every one related to Vikas Dubey without ascertaining their involvement in the alleged crime or otherwise, it is axiomatic that the U.P. police and administration have no fear, faith and respect for law and judiciary and they have become law unto themselves and police is taking the country towards Talibanisation which cannot be countenanced at any cost.
It said the U.P. police/administration are continuing to raid residences/places of other persons who are even remotely connected to Vikas Dubey and thus, there is every possibility of police resorting to kill many more innocent persons related to Vikas Dubey in fake encounters.