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Labour calls for ‘national safety standard’ to govern lockdown easingSir Keir Starmer has said the government should seek a consensus on when to ease lockdown in order to reassure the public.
“I sense that people are really worried about lifting of lockdown. They’re really worried about going back to work,” the Labour leader told ITV’s Good Morning Britain. “They need a high level of reassurance.”
He added: “The point that trade unions have raised is safety at work and there was a consultation document the government put out last weekend which was pretty vague, and it needs strengthening.
“That’s why one of the principles I’ve set out today is a national safety standard. I think people will want to know if I’m going back to work, is it a safe environment, what’s being done about social distancing, what are the hand-washing facilities, if I need protective equipment am I going to get it?”