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‘Very key bits’ of test and trace system not yet working
There is “still a long way to go” before the UK has the “fit for purpose” test and trace system it needs, an NHS leader has warned.
Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, said the country is “many weeks behind where we need to be and where other countries are”.
In a statement issued by membership organisation for NHS trust, he identified three “key gaps to fill”.
Hopson said there “still far too many places” where tests were taking longer than the international standard of 24 hours, with the average turnaround time between three and seven days for many UK health providers.
He added work to develop local test and trace plans to manage to risk of Covid-19 spreading at hotspots such as rail stations and places of worship only began last week and “will take several more weeks to complete”.
And NHS trusts cannot resume ordinary services such as elective surgery until they can rapidly test all patients who need to visit an NHS site. “There are still no clear plans to do this consistently across the country,” Hopkins said.
He added: “So whilst todays announcement represents good progress, and an important milestone, there is still a huge amount to do.”
Speaking on Newsnight last night, Hopson said he pleased Boris Johnson had watered down claims it had a “world class” test and trace system ready to start from 1 June, “because we clearly don’t”.
We’re in the process of building test and trace,” he added. “There will be a group of contact tracers who will be ready [Thursday] morning but there are still very key bits of test and trace that still need to be built.”