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WHO spokesperson urges caution ahead of lockdown easing”Countries that are planning to ease the restrictions that have been in place should really follow some guidance,” said Tarik Jasarevic, hours before Boris Johnson is expected to ease some restrictions. 
“That’s basically to make sure that transmission chains can be controlled, that the public health system is ready to quickly test, isolate and trace contacts of infected people – also to be able to cope with a possible surge in new infections.”
Speaking to Sky’s Sophy Ridge, he added: “We also have to make sure that care homes for elderly people are also being protected because we know that this is a very vulnerable population in these establishments.
Adding that workplaces must taken sufficient safety measures, he also said “we obviously need to have a population [which is] properly informed and following the instructions” – amid criticism over the government’s floating of certain policies to individual journalists before later denying them.
So eventually [as] these restrictions they are lifted, [this] will obviously help economies, help society and help peple reconnect with each other, but we really have to be careful because we know that this virus will stay with us for some time.”