Fifi Box posts heartbreaking tribute to Jaimi Kenny following her death

Broadcaster Fifi Box has shared a sweet tribute to Jaimi Kenny, saying her daughter Trixie has had her little heart broken by the tragedy. “The loss of such a beautiful loving sister and friend is suffocating,” Box wrote on Instagram. “We laughed, we cried, we shared so many wonderful memories that I will keep alive for Trixie who loved her big sister so much, her little heart is broken.
“You loved Trixie with all your heart and she felt every inch of your love. With every tight squeezy cuddle your love poured into her. We were so blessed to have you in our lives. You were such a true and loyal friend, we love you so much and can’t bear the pain of you not being here.”
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In a joint statement on Monday, Ms Curry and Mr Kenny revealed their beloved oldest daughter Jaimi had died in hospital that morning.
Jaimi, 33, had “lost her battle with a long-term illness and passed away peacefully in hospital this morning in the company of loving family”.
The daughter of Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny was also a half-sister to Trixie, after Grant Kenny had a brief relationship with Box and Trixie was born in April 2013.
Box confirmed Trixie’s paternity in April 2016 when she posted photos of Mr Kenny in a jumping castle with the three-year-old to celebrate her birthday.
Fifi Box took a break from her popular radio show this week after the heartbreaking news.
Speaking on their hit breakfast radio show Fifi, Fev and Byron on The Fox 101.9 Melbourne, Box’s fellow hosts Brendan Fevola and Byron Cooke briefly addressed her absence.
“Well Fi is away today but the show must go on,” Cooke said.
“We’re a team, we’re one and one, we’re going to mould into one and just nail it,” Fevola joked.
“If we’re in the Titanic, I’ve got my arms around you, I’ll carry you bro.”
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Hundreds of friends and family continue to pay tribute to Jaimi following her death on Monday.
In a deeply personal tribute, brother Jett said “I may not have been the best brother to you all the time, I know you thought you weren’t being the big sister I needed all the time, but I do know we loved one another unconditionally all the time”.
And sister Morgan admitted “it still doesn’t feel real that you are not here”.
“I am grateful for you. There is no one like you. I love you so much and will forever miss you. Rest now beautiful sister. You will never be forgotten,” she added.
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