Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is tested for COVID-19 after suffering a coughing fit in the House of Representatives chamber.

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has been tested for COVID-19 following a coughing fit in the House of Representatives chamber today.

  • Josh Frydenberg is self-isolating while waiting for the results of a coronavirus test
  • The Treasurer experienced a coughing fit while delivering a speech in Parliament
  • His test results are expected tomorrow

Mr Frydenberg said he believed it was just a dry cough but was getting tested out of caution.
“After question time I sought the advice of the Deputy Chief Medical officer [who] advised me that it was prudent I get tested for COVID-19,” he said.
“Following the receipt of his advice I immediately left Parliament House to be tested and will await the result in isolation.”
Mr Frydenberg said he expected the result of the test tomorrow.
The Treasurer was about 15 minutes into a speech outlining the extent of the country’s economic crisis, when he started coughing and struggled to get his words out.
He took several sips of water while standing at the dispatch box but continued to cough heavily and was not able to gain his composure for a full minute.
At one point, he wiped a tear from his eye while joking: “Sorry. Too long a speech!”
The Treasurer eventually resumed, albeit with a croaky voice, and was able to finish the 30 minute address.
His spokesman initially said Mr Frydenberg was “fine” and “just had a dry mouth and then the water went down the wrong way”.
But his office later released a statement confirming he was being tested.
It is the second time the Treasurer has been forced to get a test for the virus.
The first was in March when he developed cold-like symptoms after returning from Saudi Arabia.
The results of that test were negative.
More to come.