Eastern Freeway tragedy: Porsche driver Richard Pusey’s home vandalised with word ‘DIE’

The luxury home of the Porsche driver involved in the Victorian police tragedy has been defaced with the word DIE by unknown vandals.The word has been daubed in white on the roller door of the Melbourne apartment owned by Richard Pusey, who allegedly left four police officers to die in a horrific crash this week.
The roller door also appeared to have been kicked in or struck with an object, leaving it dented and bent in.
Pusey, 41, allegedly filmed the police officers, who had pulled him over for speeding, after they were hit by a truck and then begged him for help as they lay dying.
The graffiti threat was written overnight as the mortgage broker remains in custody on multiple charges arising from events leading up to the catastrophic crash.
It comes after fresh allegations emerged about what Pusey allegedly did after a semi-trailer fatally struck the one female and three male officers who detained him on Wednesday night.
The mortgage broker was pulled over on Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway after allegedly speeding at 149km/h in his Porsche under the influence of ice and cannabis.
A truck collided with the vehicles in the emergency lane at 100 km/h and killed the four officers.
Pusey is accused of abusing and filming a dying female officer as well as fleeing the accident.
Charged with nine offences including reckless conduct, speeding, drug possession and drug driving, Pusey appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday where he did not apply for bail.
Police allege Pusey tested positive to cannabis and ice following the tragic incident.
It is also alleged Pusey berated Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor as she lay stricken and moaning for help: “There you go. Amazing, absolutely amazing”.
Police say Pusey then said: “All I wanted was to go home and have my sushi and now you’ve ‘f***ed my f***ing car”.
Pusey allegedly said this while he filmed the graphic scene of the dying officers.
The police who died in the accident were Constable Glen Humphris, Senior Constable Kevin King, Constable Joshua Prestney and Leading Snr Const Taylor.
Police are yet to interview truck driver Mohinder Singh who remains under police guard at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.
The father-of-two suffered a medical incident after his truck left the freeway and allegedly struck the officers.
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