Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell appeared on Fox News wearing a MAGA hat and criticized the nomination.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell has doubled down on his criticism of Vice President Joe Biden’s choice of running mate, claiming that Kamala Harris was “picked for the wrong reason.”
After appearing on Hannity earlier this week in which he said that Harris was “not qualified” to run on the Democrat ticket, Terrell, a former Democrat supporter who has switched his allegiance to President Donald Trump, continued his attack on the California senator in another segment on Fox.
Before launching into his broadside, Terrell donned a MAGA hat and said that the “problem is very simple. Kamala Harris was picked for the wrong reason. She was picked as a way to insulate Joe Biden from racism. Joe Biden has been a person who said ‘wait, if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.’
“Black people think the same way. My point is simply this, Mia Love, Tim Scott, they were picked on merit,” he said, referring to the first black female Republican elected to Congress, and the Senator for South Carolina.
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Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, announced Harris as his running mate earlier this week making her the first black woman to be chosen on either the Democratic or Republican Party’s presidential ticket.
Terrell said: “This country is about merit. Kamala Harris is an affirmative action selection to insulate Joe Biden about the racist attitudes he’s had for the last 40 years. The one thing that Kamala Harris did say that was right is that Joe Biden is a racist.”
President Donald Trump’s 2020 election campaign released a statement this week claiming Harris had accused Biden of being a racist. Although Harris has criticized Biden for saying he could work with two former senators who opposed desegregation in the 1970s, and for opposing busing policies, Harris explicitly said to Biden during a Democrat debate: “I do not believe you are a racist.”
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Terrell went on to praise President Donald Trump’s moves to fund black historical colleges, and attempts to justice reform and police reform through the Senate, adding, “Donald Trump has done more for black Americans than Obama, Biden and Kamala Harris.”
Terrell, who is also a talk radio host in Los Angeles was a prominent Democrat now turned Trump supporter. He has been criticized for turning his back on the Democrats which he said in an interview with the Daily Caller had been “hijacked by Black Lives Matter.”
He has also taken issue with Biden, saying that the former Vice President “made the assumption that if you’re black you have to vote Democrat.” Newsweek has contacted the Biden campaign for comment.
The graph below from Statista shows Harris’s popularity among Democrats.