China reported its highest number of new coronavirus cases in six weeks, with the majority involving people returning from other countries. After a period where the number of infections seemed to level off, the uptick has heightened fears of a second wave and…

DUBAI With nighttime curfews and enforced social isolation likely to stretch on for the next few weeks, the United Arab Emirates has outlined how couples can now receive a Muslim wedding entirely online.
For men with multiple wives, however, the new strictures on daily movements pose unique challenges.
The Ministry of Justice announced Sunday that it could now provide remote wedding contracts by logging onto the e-services section of its website.
Once all the required information is submitted, the couple then have to book an appointment with the Ministry of Justice, who will then appoint an imam to recite the Koran via a video conference, the Gulf News reported. After the fees have been paid online, approvals will be texted to the couples phones.
The UAE has been hard hit by the coronavirus, reporting 386 news cases late Sunday for a total of 4,123 86 percent just from the start of April. There have only been 22 fatalities.
The government is carrying out intensive testing, especially in the densely populated parts of the city of Dubai, which appear to be the center of outbreak. A 24-hour curfew is in place there, requiring police approval to leave homes.
One Dubai resident inquired to the local Khaleej Times whether he could obtain could visit his second wife in the nearby city of Sharjah. Under Muslim law in the UAE, men can have up to four wives and in many cases they are housed in separate homes.
I have been unable to visit my wife in Sharjah. Can I travel to Sharjah twice a week to meet her? Would I be fined for traveling? asked the reader, a Sudanese man.
According to the legal expert cited by the paper, however, movement permits are only awarded for medical appointments or buying basic necessities all other trips would be subject to a $500 fine.