Car sales in Ireland have collapsed, falling by almost 96% in April with the latest figures showing just over 280 cars were sold.

Car sales in Ireland have collapsed, falling by almost 96% in April.
The latest figures, which are to be published tomorrow, show that just over 280 cars were sold in April.
Most motor sales outlets closed in March after new Covid-19 restrictions were implemented by the Government.
Sales figures for March were also way down, by almost 64%.
Car sales figures for January and February were very healthy, increasing year on year by 12% in February. But, now sources in the motor trade say the fall-off in sales will make it difficult for many dealerships to recover from losses.
One company, Skoda, has developed what it says could be the car salesroom of the future. The company is introducing an automated temperature device at the entrance to showrooms, for staff and customers.
A device to clean the air in cars after service or repair is also to be deployed.
Physical distancing guidance, similar to what has been introduced in many supermarkets, will also be put in place.
Staff will also be trained to clean and sterilise cars with plastic wrap being placed over the steering wheels, gear stick, hand break and handles in the car.
Skoda says it is keeping a close eye on Government advice and is making every effort to be ready to reopen their sale and service network as soon as possible.
Mick Kenny, who heads up one of the networks flagship outlets at Pilsen Autos in Dublin, said: “We are concerned about consumer confidence going forward, we had issues anyway in the trade, changing from diesel, to petrol, to electric and this is another hurdle for us to lift.
“The only way to get out of this is to get back into business. We have to look at avenues to make it work to get out of this.”
SIMI, the Society of the Irish Motor Industry records monthly sales statistics from motor dealerships around Ireland. Its latest records show that some car brands did not sell a single car in April.