At this point, Ellen DeGeneres can’t even help herself anymore. She’s just awful – period. Can we cancel her, once and for all, please?

  • Ellen DeGeneres sent a tweet in which she refused to acknowledge black people, calling them people of color.
  • Many black activists and celebrities called her out for her tone-deafness.
  • Can we cancel Ellen already? Please?

Ellen DeGeneres needs to be canceled.
The talk show host, desperate to insert herself into the Black Lives Matter conversation currently dominating the headlines, sent out a tweet in which she erased the Black Lives part of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Naturally, it didnt take long for activistsboth black and whiteto call her out.
But her continued tone-deaf behavior proves she needs to be canceled already.
Ellen DeGeneres Cant Seem To Say Black
No oneabsolutely no oneasked for Ellen DeGeneres input on the racial injustice currently plaguing America.
But she still had to insert herself into the conversation with this tone-deaf tweet.
The phrase youre looking for is Black people, Ellen DeGeneres. | Source: Twitter
It only took a few minutes, thankfully, for various activists, educators, and celebrities to gather her together.
Beth McColl is not here for Ellens nonsense. | Source: Twitter
Lacey Vorransi-Banis clarifies why its important to say #BlackLivesMatter. | Source: Twitter
And Dr. JonPaul Higgins sums it up perfectly. | Source: Twitter
Black Lives Matter. Period.
Its important to note, in these times, how tone-deaf Ellen DeGeneres really is when she refuses to say Black Lives Matter.
There have been several examples of counter-protestors who cite All Lives Matter as an excuse to murder black protestors.
But then again, weve long ago established that Ellens nice persona is really just that: a persona. Her attempts to look nice after her bad behavior was exposed have fallen flat. And honestly? Its for good reason.
People fake being nice all the time, but they never fake being mean. It would behoove the Ellen DeGeneres defenders to remember this the next time they try to defend her honor. And her well-deserved canceling, at this point, is long overdue.
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