“All those errors are what got us to this point,” the MSNBC host warned about the White House’s haphazard response to the pandemic.

Chris Hayes on Tuesday listed the three “absolutely deadly errors” that President Donald Trump’s White House made at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and are now repeating.
The host of MSNBC’s “All In” criticized Trump and his administration for initially not taking the virus seriously, not having adequate testing and for “thinking that the problem to be managed is the economy as if that is somehow separate from the public health emergency of fighting the virus.”
“Those mistakes gave us the whole disastrous response from the White House,” said Hayes. “The failed test kits, the utter inability for weeks to ramp up testing to know where the virus was and how prevalent it was, the fact they took way too long to recommend social distancing, the fact the president during this entire period as the virus was spreading would come out and do a series of song and dance routines to pump up the stock market as if that was the goal instead of taking action on the virus.”
“All those errors are what got us to this point,” Hayes added, noting how the contagion had now killed almost 30,000 people nationwide, before explaining how Trump was making the same mistakes again. 
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