All the key questions answered as Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds celebrate the birth of their first child

Will the Prime Minister take paternity leave?
Yes, but not yet. Downing Street said Mr Johnson, who had previously signalled his intention to take a fortnights leave when his baby was born, would delay his leave in order to carry on leading the national fight against coronavirus.
Although he missed Prime Ministers Questions, he was back in Downing Street and working within hours of the birth, keeping an appointment to speak to Sir Keir Starmer for the first time since he became Leader of the Opposition.
He will also chair Cabinet on Thursday morning and is expected to address the nation before the end of the week, possibly at one of the daily press conferences.
According to the Governments own rules, paternity leave must end within 56 days of the childs birth, meaning Mr Johnson must take his leave before the end of June – a tall order given the crisis currently gripping the country.
The other alternative is for the PM to simply take annual leave later in the year, possibly in July or August when Prime Ministers traditionally take their summer break.
Where will the family live?
The couple currently live in the flat above 11, Downing Street, which is larger than the flat above No 10, and it was from there that Ms Symonds was taken to hospital.
A spokesman for the Prime Minister said: They are planning to live in the flat above No 11.
On March 19, four days before the lockdown, a delivery man dropped off a large box at No 10 marked organic knit moses basket set, while on Wednesday two cases of champagne were delivered.
The new arrival will not affect the status of the couples dog, Dilyn, which is apparently child-friendly. Dilyn is staying, said the spokesman.
The couple will also be able to take their baby to Chequers, the Prime Ministers country retreat, at weekends.
Downing Street declined to say whether the couple intended to hire a nanny.
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