Jamie O’Hara blasted Tottenham in a stunning rant on talkSPORT days after their shocking performance in their opening day defeat to Everton.
A lacklustre display in their first Premier League fixture of the new season led to criticism from manager Jose Mourinho, and it appears all is not well at the north London club.
Mourinho criticised his ‘lazy’ players after the Everton defeat, but even the Portuguese has been slammed by the media
Former Spurs midfielder O’Hara was ruthless in his assessment of his old club, taking aim at the players, the manager and chairman Daniel Levy in a passionate rant live on Tuesday’s talkSPORT Breakfast.
It was the most average team Ive seen in a long time,” began O’Hara’s rant, which lasted over TEN minutes. “The performance the other day was pathetic!
First of all, on the Mourinho interview, yeah hes deflecting blame. Hes not digging someone out individually, I dont think you should dig people out individually, but hes dug them out as a team.
At the end of the day, its on him. He tactically sets the team up. When I watched them. I was like what are Spurs doing?
What are they as a team? Tactically, are they pressing? Are they dropping off? Are they compact? Are they free flowing? Absolutely no identity in anything they did.
It was one of the worst performances Ive seen in a long time. They looked so average its unbelievable. If they carry on like that, they will be lucky to get in the top half of the table.
Tottenham put in a lacklustre performance against Everton and were widely criticised
Its been an underwhelming transfer window for Spurs so far with just right-back Matt Doherty signed from Wolves and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg picked up from Southampton.
OHara laid into the transfer decisions and doesnt think the club have enough world class players.
He said: I think the recruitment has been absolutely shocking. They havent upgraded on any single player who has left the club.
Theres only two players who Spurs have got who are anywhere near world class and thats Harry Kane and Son.
Everyone else is completely average. Doherty came in and I thought he did alright. He exposed Eric Dier, though, as he plays so high up and the centre-half, Dier, who has no pace and looked like he had a caravan on his back, Im thinking what are they doing? This is Tottenham football club.
Tottenham lost their opening game of the 2020/21 season
Daniel Levy was next to come in for criticism from OHara and he thinks that Mourinho is not the man who is going to get the best out of these Tottenham players.
He added: I think the All or Nothing documentary gave me a false sense of hope thinking Mourinho oh hes a nice guy hell pull it out of them and hes going to make it happen. Now Im looking at it and Im looking between the lines and it is terrible. This is a bad side.
Levy has got away with it for years because he had (Mauricio) Pochettino who got the best, the absolute best, out of them players.
All of a sudden it gets to the point where a managers time is up, he lost interest because he knew that the club needed to invest and wasnt getting the players he wanted.
They have got away with it for such a long time. Mourinho is not the manager who is going to get the best out of an average group of players.
He needs world class players to work with to do what he wants to do. Hes not going to do it with this team because they are so poor.”
Listen to the ten minute rant, in full, above.