Harry Kane will join a host of celebrities in the Paddy Power Golf Shootout on Friday to help mark the unofficial return of golf in the UK.
The Tottenham striker will be teeing it up alongside Piers Morgan, Peter Crouch, Jamie Redknapp, and talkSPORT favourite Freddie Flintoff.
It’s golf – but not as you know it
Meanwhile, Tommy Fleetwood and Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston are among the professional golfers looking to get their game in shape and have a bit of fun at the Centurion Club in St Albans, Hertfordshire.
But it’s no ordinary golf tournament – the ten participants will take part in a series of unique challenges, including a Happy Gilmore-style long drive, a world record putt and the ‘hardest shot in golf’.
You can bet on the action as it unfolds from midday, with Paddy Power donating all of the proceeds to charity.
Kane is a man of many talents
How the Paddy Paddy Golf Shootout works
Challenges – done in pairs
1. Golf pong
2. Happy Gilmore longest drive
3. Hardest shot in golf buried in the bunker
4. Blind putting
5. Shot at goal (aiming for various football goals on the fairway)
6. Closest to the pin, from the fairway, with a junior club
7. Putting from a Peter (Crouch) away potential world record attempt
8. Fastest time to complete a hole relay
Shootout done individually
One par 3 hole, two flags one easy, one hard.
Closer you get, the more points you score.
Pros have to go for the hard flag, celebs can choose but get double points for the hard flag.
Two pools of five playing off, with the winner of each playing off in the final for the Paddy Power Blazer.
Kane and co. will hope their golf game doesn’t dessert them like it did for NFL star Tom Brady during ‘The Match – Champions for Charity’ last month.
Brady, for the most part, suffered a nightmare on the course as he partnered Phil Mickelson in a defeat to Tiger Woods and NFL legend Peyton Manning.
Golf is the hobby of choice for so many athletes, from NBA icon Michael Jordan to Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale.
Michael Jordan is crazy about golf
‘The Last Dance’ showcased Jordan’s passion for golf, while Bale recently went on a podcast to talk about his (often infamous) love for the game.
But where do all of these guys rank when it comes to ability?
Luckily, the European Tour recently revealed selected handicaps from the sporting world, and it turns out former Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko is ridiculously good…
Where does Kane rank among other athletes when it comes to golf?
Selected handicaps
Vladimir Klitschko – 18
Ben Stokes – 12
Michael Phelps – 12
Ashleigh Barty – 10
Andy Robertson – 8
Tom Brady – 8
Luis Figo – 5
Gareth Bale – 5
Harry Kane – 4
Kerry Slater – 3
Kevin Pietersen – 3
Andy Roddick – 1.5
Rafa Nadal – 1.5
Michael Jordan – 1.2
Steph Curry – 0.6
Andriy Shevchenko – 0