Watford captain Troy Deeney has publicly blasted the Premier League’s Project Restart plans, insisting he will not put his family’s health before football.
The 31-year-old has been one of the most vocal players on Zoom meetings with officials regarding the resumption of top-flight football in England, which is proposed for June 19.
Deeney is incredibly skeptical about the Premier League’s Project Restart plans
But Deeney is still not convinced about safety of players and suggests he would rather go broke than put his loved ones at risk.
I am not even talking about football at the moment, he told Simon Hosannah on Instagram. I am talking about my familys health and that is it.
If I feel that Im not looking after my family then Im not going to do it. I am not going to put my family at risk.
What are they going to do, take money off me? Ive been broke before so it doesnt bother me.
The Watford striker highlights that social distancing during a football match is impossible and would go in direct opposition to the government’s advice on social distancing.
Uwe Rosler gives us in an insight into Bundesliga’s preparations for league return – Things change from day to day.
Theyre talking about not playing in front of fans until 2021,” he added.
So if its not safe enough for fans to be inside a stadium why should it be safe for players to be in there?
At corners, Watford have 11 men back so youre talking about having 18 or 19 men in a penalty area. Thats not social distancing.
Theyre the kind of questions people have been asking but we havent had the best answers at the moment.
Not because people dont want to give you the answers, its because they cant give you the answers.
Captain Troy Deeney is Watford’s leading goal scorer this season
The government say we can go back to work from June 1 but we cant get a haircut until mid-July.
Were doing all this testing to get footballers back to work and then the NHS, care workers and the people on the front line dont have enough tests. How do you justify that?
I feel like they want to get us back to work so they can take more tax off you. Premier League players pay nearly £4billion in tax a year.
According to the Office for National Statistics, black men and women are nearly twice as likely to die from coronavirus as white people in England and Wales.
And Deeney added: Nothing more is in place for black people within any of the structures they are talking about.
So when you ask that question and nobody can answer that question, why are you going to keep taking the risk?
I am all for going back. But I am not for going back when it is not clear on how the steps are going to be made.