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My professional network worked me like a dog.
When I was hired, they made a point to make me feel at home. How Im the youngest they hired and how Im the youngest person in the entire IT Department. At 24.
They said were family now, how Im the future in this place of business, seeing how not many nationals go into the private sector let alone IT at a banking sector.
You can imagine how I felt and how it gave me purpose. Well, jokes on me. I was worked like a slave. No proper training, everything I did was self taught. My manager was deeply terrified and paranoid of me usurping his throne in a few short years because of my performance. So they gave me more work. I get it done at record time, so they even give me more. They have the audacity to berate me for not knowing how to solve something in the same minute (Keep in mind I was a fresh graduate, first job ever, and have no experience with this field of IT at all.) but hey, I still get it done within the hour. Manager gets astounded and never reports my success to upper management. Then upper management threatens my lively hood on a weekly basis.
So, what did I do next? Intricate and extremely detailed reports of what I did, how I did it and why I did what I did + oracle ticketing. At the end of the week I drop them off to upper management. That shuts them up until Monday and the cycle continues.
Now, what broke the camels back you might ask? The head of IT berated me for taking too many sick leaves, that was 5 sick leaves. Of my legal right, I have 15 full paid sick leaves. 30 half pay. And 30 0 pay sick leaves.
Why take a sick leave? Well because of the insane working hours they expected me to maintain. Every fucking person in my department has a laptop to do remote work but no, I have to do it manually. Weekends. At 10pm til 2pm. Leaving my job at 9pm as opposed to 3:30. My manager single handedly fucked me over and only assigned me these tasks. My body broke down 3 times to the point I cant even get out of bed without crying in pain. 2 times because I caught SWINE FUCKING FLU, that was the worst damn illness Ive ever fought. I felt like death and only missed work 2 times.
So, I get into an argument with my manager, his manager and head of department. A big one. I said we all know you cannot fire me for doing my job and might I add, for someone who was never trained by you, I do a great fucking job with no hiccups. That 200 branch upgrades you gave me a month to do? Guess what, I finished it on a weekend. And you had the audacity to tell me why I finished such a task quickly without failures? I proceeded to tell them Do not make me takeout the rest of my sick days in succession until the year is over.
Any who, handed my resignation the following Sunday after a weekend of thinking it over.
Moral of the story, fuck corporate. Fuck blind loyalty. No one is worth your loyalty no matter what when it comes to jobs.