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Okay, folks… here’s the deal.
Let’s say just for the sake of argument that a completely hypothetical individual was filmed being an unsavory, entitled, and downright offensive character. (The specific legal terminology is “massive douche,” for all of you lawyer-types out there.)
Let’s further suppose that a second individual happened upon the aforementioned troublemaker, and took it upon themselves to “remedy the situation” by “restraining the massive douche” until “the authorities arrived.” (These are all euphemistic phrases, obviously. We’re not at all saying that something similar actually happened.)
Now, again, speaking purely hypothetically, it would be ridiculous for anyone to attempt the suppression of this story. I mean, you’d have to be an utter moron to think that trying to silence people would have any effect other than to amplify their voices, right? Hell, one might even say that some completely fictional individual might be painting themselves as a waste of oxygen if they did that!
As such, this post will be staying up.
HOWEVER… do not post addresses, telephone numbers, or links to any external sites which might publicize personal information of that nature. It’s against the site-wide rules, and it could cause quite a bit of trouble for you, for the subreddit, and for any innocent individuals who might happen to share a name with a (once again, hypothetical) piece of human trash.