With PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X set for this holiday season, Nintendo’s 2020 line-up is looking a bit bleak… at least publicly.

  • Nintendos holiday lineup is looking bleak publically, for now.
  • Rumor is were seeing Zelda and Mario remasters.
  • Could Nintendo fight competing next-gen platforms with nostalgia?

Its a particularly significant year for the game industry, with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X set for release this holiday season. While next-gen hardware will satiate FPS and action gamers, Nintendos 2020 is looking a bit bleak.
Until you read between the lines, that is. Nintendo may have found a way to beat the next-gen rush.
Nintendo vs. Next-Gen Hardware
Nintendo fans continue to wait for any news on upcoming releases. There are rumors of an upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remaster for the Nintendo Switch.
Dug up by GameRant, this rumor is based on a trademark renewal.
But thats not all.
2021 marks The Legend of Zeldas 35th anniversary. If thats not a time to bring back the franchises most beloved entry, I dont know what is. Theyve already remastered the game for 3DS why not another one for the next big portable?
The gameplay might hold up, but those visuals could use some work. | Source: Nintendo
With the 3D Mario remasters confirmed, theres substantial reason to believe Nintendo is fighting next-gen competition with nostalgia. Theyve got nothing else planned at least publicly.
Nintendos foreseeable future may appear blank, but its possible theyre setting up to steal the spotlight from the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. We may see Breath of the Wild 2 arrive during the holidays, or possibly a massive secret title. The Mario masterminds arent counting themselves out just yet.
Video: What Made Ocarina of Time so Timeless?
Mario remasters, specifically Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64, two of the franchises most beloved entries, would be a fantastic way to gain the spotlight during the next-gen console release calendar.
Run With What Works
Theres no question of quality here. Players know what theyre getting into, and will gladly drop $60 on a full price reimagining of games from their youth. Nintendo has already seen an
Other gamers might wonder if PlayStation 5 game is actually worth $70, and that price hasnt been justified yet. Nintendos case is the opposite.
Nintendo might appear clueless for now, but imagine they steal the holiday spotlight with Mario and Ocarina of Time remastered, and culminate it all with Breath of the Wild 2. Hell, maybe well see a new Nintendo Switch as well.
Super Mario 64 on Switch! Upscaled and reworked for the best possible experience. | Source: Nintendo
Nintendo has designated the Switch as their port machine. It features NES titles to games from the Wii U. Theyve also already remastered Links Awakening, so whats another Zelda game in the mix?
Plus, these remastered titles dont ask you to drop a potential $500 on a new plastic box. You can play them on what youve already got. Nintendo might be betting on those gamers wanting to save money and not upgrade to an expensive console.
With the current state of the global economy, thats a viable holiday game plan.
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