Today’s top news: New Zealand reports 13 new confirmed cases in the community. Singapore forces 800 migrant labourers to re-enter quarantine. The Australian state of Victoria records its lowest daily tally of new cases in two weeks.

California cases and Texas deaths surge on revisions
Peter Wells in New York
California reported a daily increase of more than 11,000 coronavirus cases for a second straight day as the state continues to process a backlog of infections caused by a data glitch.
The state’s caseload rose by 11,645, governor Gavin Newsom revealed at a press conference on Wednesday, down from 12,500 on Tuesday that was the second-biggest one-day jump on record.
Since the pandemic began, California has confirmed 586,056 coronavirus infections.
Mr Newsom explained, though,that the latest figures included 5,433 new Covid-19 cases over the past 24 hours and 6,212 infections that stemmed from a backlog of data.
Texas became the US state with the fourth-highest number of coronavirus deaths after fatalities in the state topped 9,000 on Wednesday.
A further 324 people died, Texas’s health department revealed this afternoon, up from 220 on Tuesday.
This would rank as the state’s biggest one-day increase in fatalities, excluding a one-time revision on July 27 that resulted in the statewide total being revised higher by a combined 675 new and historical deaths.
Since the pandemic began, Texas has now reported 9,034 fatalities, the fourth highest tally among US states and behind New York, New Jersey and California.
Florida has reported 8,898 deaths, meaning both it and Texas today overtook Massachusetts, which was among the north-eastern states hit hardest in the early days of the pandemic.
New York, an early hotspot for Covid-19 in the US, took much less time than California, Texas and Florida to reach its first 100,000 cases, but has taken increasingly more time to add each subsequent batch of 100,000 infections.
New York reported a further 700 cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, slightly more than its seven-day average.
If that pace held steady, it would take New York more than 110 days to top the 500,000-case mark, having already taken 33 days to go from 400,000 to its total today of 422,703, according to FT analysis of Covid Tracking Project data.