There may be a new console coming from Sega of all companies. But can it compete against the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5?

  • One journalist is teasing some big Sega news for June 4th.
  • June 3rd is the groups 60th anniversary.
  • Could Sega be prepping to re-enter the console war?

2020 is the year of the next-generation console. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are slated to launch this holiday season. But there may be new hardware entering the battle, coming from Sega of all companies.
Is Sega Ready for a Comeback?
Sega, of course, left the console war after its Dreamcast in 1998. Since then, the group has focused on Sonic, Total War, Yakuza, and its other franchises.
However, one Japanese journalist, Zenji Nishikawa, claimed to have a huge scoop on Sega in a recent live stream. That, and it should be shared in the June 4th issue of Famitsu, according to a report from Gematsu.
Nishikawa says:
My column in next weeks issue of Famitsu is crazy. I got a huge scoop Its a world premiere article. And an exclusive. It may not be Nikkei or Weekly Bunshun, but if you want to know if its a scoop that bigit totally is!
The journalist further confirms hes talking about Sega, and that this scoop is as significant as Wireds PlayStation 5 story from 2019.
Considering June 3rd is Segas 60th anniversary, theres reason to think the company is re-entering the hardware game.
That would be a terrible idea.
Nishikawa notes his scoop isnt about a Dreamcast 2, but whos to say Sega wont release a brand new console for its big anniversary? After all, the group has released mini versions of its old hardware over the years.
Also, earlier this year, Sega revealed a new character related to its brand. This characters name is Sega Shiro, portrayed by Maito Fujioka. Why is that notable? Well, Maito is the son of Hiroshi Fujioka, who portrayed the Segata Sanshiro character used to promote the Sega Saturn in the mid-nineties.
Why follow up a marketable character if youre not following up on the product he was meant for? Its almost as if Sega is gearing up for a big advertising push.
The Competition is Too Heavy
The thing is, a new console would mean competing against hardware giants Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. Were already waiting on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 price points. Who wants to save for another console?
Plus, the world is already in a financial struggle due to the pandemic. Is now really the time to reveal an expensive new box?
Does anyone even care about Ataris new console? | Source: Atari
Sega wouldnt be the only retro company looking to make a comeback, either. Of all the groups, Atari is working on a PC/console hybrid device, dubbed the Atari VCS. Thats even more competition.
Well know for sure next week, but Sega should absolutely be wary. The world can only afford so many consoles.
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