The US recorded 63,643 new cases on Friday and experts fear there will soon be a spike in deaths.

The US has recorded its highest daily number of coronavirus
cases, with more than 63,643 infections confirmed on Friday.
Friday also saw 774 covid deaths, according to data from
Johns Hopkins University.
More than three million people have tested positive for the
virus in the US since the pandemic began.
Twenty-nine states have seen an increase in new cases
compared to last week, according to CNN
. Nine have had record single-day infections: Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa,
Louisiana, Montana, Ohio, Utah and Wisconsin.
Texas and Florida are among the worst hit states in the
Florida recorded 11,433 new cases on Friday. In Miami-Dade county, 28% of people who took tests were confirmed to have
the virus.
Last week, leading US health official Dr Anthony Fauci warned that daily confirmed cases could reach 100,000.