The State Health Department has rebutted the claims, stating that patients are kept in different wards based on their medical conditions.

The Ahmedabad Civil Hospital has reportedly segregated wards of COVID-19 patients along religious lines, keeping members of two major communities, Hindus and Muslims, in separate wards.
Normally, at civil hospitals, wards are segregated as per gender: separate wards for male and female patients.
However, in this case, the wards have been segregated to keep patients of both communities separate.
Officials of the civil hospital are tight-lipped after local media reported on the issue, but insiders said that the decision was taken after a large number of cases were reported from a cluster of a religious gathering in Delhi and their contacts in minority-dominated pockets of Ahmedabad.
However, the State Health Department has strongly rebutted the reports of segregation based on religion. Patients are kept in different wards based on their medical condition, severity of the symptoms and age, purely based on the advice of the doctors treating them, it said.
As per the data, more than 50% of the total cases from Ahmedabad have emerged from select clusters of minority pockets in the city.
A doctor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that certain patients from the Hindu community were not comfortable being in the same ward as those of the Muslim community.
After some patients complained, it was decided to segregate them on a temporary basis, the doctor said.