The messages are completely unacceptable

Love Islands Molly-Mae Hague has hit back after she was branded  shallow, useless, and fat in a cruel DM.
The comment was posted in response to an upload Molly-Mae shared on Instagram Stories reading: I’ve lost my iPhone 11+ the 8+ quality really doesn’t hit the same. I hate it.”
The user replied: “Oh poor you, you spoilt brat. There are more important problems in this world. People are suffering to a much higher degree, adding: You are so SHALLOW, VACUOUS and USELESS to society. Thick materialistic FAT cow.”
Molly-Mae posted a screengrab of the message online with the response: My dms are honestly so wild you know. I genuinely have become so desensitised to reading this kind of stuff.
She then uploaded a separate post reassuring fans that shes not letting the negativity get to her: “All good over here guys don’t you worry xxx”
This comes weeks after Molly-Mae was praised for her response to bodyshaming comments about her figure. Images of her relaxing on a beach in Ibiza had been picked apart by some users, with Molly-Mae defending herself against the insults. 
“I would genuinely love to know who writes these comments?, she tweeted in response to the criticism. “Like how can you actually write s**t like that and sleep at night? Beyond me.”
In November, Molly-Mae gave an interview to The Sun urging people to be kinder to each other online: Im a strong person and I know I can get through this. Whereas other people might not, you just dont know.