The election is done and dusted. But the “fake poll” scandal isn’t over.

Stewart, whose recent career has focussed on advocating for the rights and fair payment of subcontractors, reckons she has a bit of experience standing up to the large and powerful.
The fake poll The Weekend West splashed on the front page. AFR
That confidence is helpful, surely, when deciding to take on Perth’s only newspaper, itself owned by Kerry Stokes, whose business interests in the state are as varied as they are entrenched.
Last year, Stewart had a win at the West Australian Newspapers-funded Independent Media Council, which upheld her complaint that a news article claiming she hadn’t promptly handed over documents, accounts and the like after vacating an industry role did not give her an adequate opportunity to respond.
Her case against the newspaper and assistant editor Jenna Clarke is being run by high-profile Perth lawyer Martin Bennett, and is currently scheduled to return to court on August 18.
Asked about the case, a Seven West spokesman said the matter is proceeding. “We are confident it will be successfully defended.”